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Future-froofing your HFT fund

Our team develops high-frequency trading software for the U.S. stock exchanges. Our goal is to make our solutions as robust and efficient as possible so it fits seamlessly into the American trading landscape.

Dedicated to innovation and accuracy, we deliver trading efficiency software that helps our clients excel in the competitive HFT market.

Software & Services


Trading SoftwareTrading Software we design is tailored for high-frequency traders operating in the U.S.

As part of our trading solutions, we also provide AnalyticsAnalytics and Risk ManagementRisk Management tools, which help traders evaluate market conditions and make more informed trading decisions.

Our Order ManagementOrder Management systems are meticulously designed to manage complicated trade lifetimes, while our low-latency execution systems provide rapid trade execution, a cornerstone of HFT.

These systems are supported by robust Connectivity SolutionsConnectivity Solutions and sophisticated data analytics tools.

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Job openings

Research Team

Identify and Develop Innovative Market Strategies

We invite researchers to join us in identifying market inefficiencies and developing new trading strategiestrading strategies. Our rapid feedback cycle transforms ideas into strategies swiftly.

In our environment, resembling continuous KaggleKaggle competition, you'll delve into data, formulate features, test hypotheses, and construct models prioritizing speed and accuracy.

Our focus is on market microstructuremarket microstructure, not macroeconomic indicators. We provide an advanced infrastructure for research, enabling you to efficiently analyze data and quickly implement effective strategies.

Development Team

Build High-Speed Trading Infrastructure

Our Engineering Team is the backbone of our trading and research infrastructure. Here, you'll work on our highly optimized trading system, a compact yet powerful C++C⁺⁺ core.

Speed is our mantra; we continuously refine our system for even faster performance. The team also plays a crucial role in managing and preparing historical market datamarket data for research purposes, utilizing PythonPython for our sophisticated data engineering pipeline.

We value individuals who excel in dissecting complex systems and thrive in a culture of technical brilliance.

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