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We design super-fast, powerful systems for quant trading, delivering pre-built and custom AI tools.
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Our Engineering team handles the infrastructure for research and trading. Our trading system is coded in C++ with just 10,000 lines of code at its core, and it is extremely fast.

Speed is critical for high-frequency trading, so our engineers always work on making things faster. They work on in-house optimizations and find clever ways to collect and analyze market data quickly. We fight for microseconds.


Job openings


Senior FPGA engineer


Global / Remote
$4,000 — $6,000 Net


Our FPGA team will be led by an experienced FPGA developer. Initially, we'll be a one-man army, but we'll grow. We're building a brand new ultra-low latency trading system.

You should be open to new concepts, progressive in your approach to development, and on top of the latest technology. You will:

- Create a trading system from scratch

- Make delays shorter

- Interact with quants and research to understand trading logic and APIs

- Work with the infrastructure team to understand data exchange details

If you have at least 4 years of RTL (Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL) development experience, let’s talk.


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Senior C++ engineer


Global / Remote
$5,000 — $7,000 Net


The trading system is coded in C++, but for scripts that aren't performance-critical, we use Python (and bash). Everything runs on Linux. You will:

- Design and maintain a system for trading on multiple exchanges

- Develop optimizations and hacks that speed it up

- Working with R&D to implement trading strategy features


If you're experienced with exchanges/HFT, let's talk.


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